Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And Then It Snowed: In The Woods

We were warned. Two to three inches of snow. I was in Atlanta when it started. I had a most enjoyable lunch with a friend (Hi K!). I stopped in at a store across the road. I saw a few flakes as I walked into the store. I must have spent 20-odd minutes wandering around the store and making some purchases. When I walked out to the car, it was snowing heavily.

My commute home – about 40 miles – was OK. It was snowing heavily but the roads were clear. The snow was wet. Snow was starting to accumulate on the grassy verge when I was 20 miles from home. By the time I drove down to the house, the snow was already weighing down the bamboo in the field. It continued to snow heavily into the evening although the flakes became finer as the temperature fell.

The next morning it was 23 F and sunny; a high temperature of 42 F was predicted. I had to get out and take photographs before it warmed up too much. As soon as the sun hit the trees, large clumps of snow would start to fall. The snow would soon be gone.

The path to the creek. It was heavy going since we had 5-6 inches of powder snow. The path was narrower than usual. The snow had weighed down the branches of the Chinese Privet so that I had to push my way through at several points along the way.

A trunk of a dead tree had fallen across the path.

A view to a pasture on the adjacent property

The recently flooded path.

The pool. Now back to its normal size.

The back path; taken from the main path. That's not fog; the heat from the sun is already causing small snow showers as clumps of snow fall from the trees.

The path back up the hill.
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