Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fish Attractors: A Mystery Solved

I guess I’m the only person in the world who didn’t know what these were. The first time I encountered them was in the summer of 2008 when the water level in the Marburg Creek Reservoir at Fort Yargo State Park was low due to the drought. I was rowing into the inlet (Segment 15; C on this map) just to the east of Picnic Area #2 when I saw tubes just below the water surface. I got quite a start. Were they a biology experiment? It didn’t really seem likely since there were no markers to allow anyone to retrieve them. It would be a shot in the dark to retrieve them – unless the lake level was lowered. So they remained a mystery.

Then, in September, 2008, a bunch were loaded onto the pontoon boat and...

Taken down the lake and dropped overboard at the point (Segment 3-4) and further down Segment 4.

When I was browsing through the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division website after our visit to Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, I stumbled upon the solution to the mystery: they were
PVC ‘tree’ fish attractors. The mystery was solved and it all made sense. Take pity on me – I don’t fish.

When the lake level was lowered in January, I spotted them across the lake. So, when I walked the loop from Picnic Area #1 to the Section B boat launch and back, I had to go and take a closer look.

They were scattered across the inlet just to the east of Picnic Area #2.

A close-up.

Later, when I walked from the Old Fort down to the Fishing Area (Segment 12), I found the solution to another mystery – more fish attractors. These were made from perforated flexible pipe that were ‘twisted’ into the attractor and secured with plastic ties. I had seen a long length of the pipe that was lying along the shore but didn't know where it had come from. Now this mystery was solved. They, also, were fish attractors.

The ‘set.’

A closeup.
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Identification resource:

- Georgia Reservoir Fishing Information (Fish attractors)

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