Thursday, February 18, 2010

And Then It Snowed: The Day After

The snow melts out pretty quickly once it warms up. The temperature high didn’t get much above 39 F but the sun was hot enough to melt a lot of the snow.

The path to the creek. The path has ‘widened’ out again. The snow that had weighed down the branches of the Chinese Privet had dropped off and the branches had returned to their normal vertical position.

The path where the trunk of a dead tree had fallen

A view to the pasture on the adjacent property. The green grass is showing again.

The recently flooded path.

The back path was open again. I found this jelly fungus on a log just off the path. I was surprised to see it since I don't think of fungi in winter. Jennifer at A Passion for Nature also commented on one she saw recently and gives a nice review of the various jelly fungi that is worth checking out. I think mine is a Tremella mesenterica based on the fact that this species fruits year-round.

The path back up the hill.

I didn’t see any recognizable paw prints the previous day. The powder snow wouldn’t hold the tracks. After a day to warm the snow, a possum left its unmistakable prints.
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