Monday, February 15, 2010

The Creek Ledge: It Does Flood

So we’d had 5.6 inches of rain; then another 2.3 inches for a total of 7.9 inches so far this year. Could be shaping up to be another wet year.

W had told me that the ledge above the creek flooded when we had a lot of rain. Since this rain had fallen mostly overnight, the conditions the next afternoon were good enough that I thought I’d go down to the creek and take a look. I thought he meant that the creek overflowed its banks and maybe it does after a lot more rain. But the water level in the creek was at least 2-3 feet below the ledge.

The route with the back route

The first thing I noticed was that the water had cut a rivulet through the leaves on the path down to the creek. In fact, the water was still running quite fast down the steep incline just above the ledge (from B) to the path running along the creek (D).

As the rivulet reached the path along the creek, the flow spread out like river delta and…

Joined the water that had already accumulated to flood the path; compare with these photos (E). This was the first flooded section of path. The water was probably 3-4 inches deep. I tried to walk off to the side of the path but the water was as deep there as on the path. There was another stretch of water on the path before I reached…

The pool which had overflowed its banks. Compare with this photo.

I thought I might be able to use the back route (G) back to the path up the hill. I waded though about 50 yards of water which as 3-4 inches deep and turned the corner to the final section only to find that the water continued, even deeper. So I turned around an waded back through the three stretches of water before I reached the dry path.

So I learned a couple of things. The creek ledge does flood but it’s mainly due to run-off from the hill above and the flooding is widespread across the ledge. I’m glad I made the effort. I also learned that the waterproof boots I recently bought for $10 because they weren’t in the matching box are, indeed, waterproof.

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