Thursday, March 4, 2010

Campground – Dam Loop: Fungus Hunt

This is a regular route I've been walking with the hope of seeing some signs of spring. It was sunny but with a strong (15 – 20 mph), piercing wind from the southwest. I could walk for a while along sheltered areas and then turn a corner into blisteringly cold wind. Not many signs of spring but time to investigate several different fungi that I’d seen on previous walks from the west of the dam through the woods on the south side of the lake.

This looks like a dry rot fungus that was growing on a twig lying beside the trail along segment 3.
A parchment mushroom. This seems to be the same type that I saw near the campground on my last visit a week or so previously

A bracket fungus. It’s a polypore. It looks like Heterobasidion annosum. There aren’t very many of these along the trails in this park. This one had grown on a fallen log on the climb up the hill from segment 3.

This one was on a log by the trail almost back down to the dam. It had me stumped at first. It was vaguely familiar and then I figured out what it was. It’s a bleached Phyllotopsis nidulans. It has lost its salmon-orange pigmentation but still has the characteristic shape and ‘hairy’ surface. This time I was able to get a photo of the gills.
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Joy K. said...

I Love Rot!

JSK said...

Me too! Just wish I could identify them all :-)