Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dinner For One

The first time I looked at this tree stump, I just assumed that the ‘stuff’ on top was detritus from several winters of fallen leaves and such. I’m not even sure what made me look closer. But when I did, I laughed.

I could just picture a squirrel feasting on the pine cone here. Since it appeared that this was a picnic, the least it could have done was to clean up afterwards.
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Jacqueline said...

This is a delightful find & a lovely photograph. I'm glad you went in for a closer look. I want to go bush walking with you (except I live half a world away so it is unlikely to ever happen). Keep at it. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Looks like quite a feast. The tree trunk is a perfect tabletop, too.

JSK said...

Thank you. Glad you enjoy the posts. If you ever get this way, I'd be glad to show you around.

Joy K. said...

There are several places around here that serve as squirrel picnic tables. A tree stump, the lid on the pond-filter cover, a big bracket fungus on a downed tree, a pile of driftwood. All of these covered in pecan shells and peanut hulls.

JSK said...

They're probably everywhere when we start looking. I noticed a number of places on the trail when I was walking on Friday. Nothing as cute as the tree stump though. All pine cones.
Although the park does have a lot of black walnut trees and the area below these are littered with shells. Little litterbugs! :-)