Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow: Something To Show For It

OK - those of you up north, please stifle your giggles. We folk down South appear to be making a mountain out of a molehill but… We’ve done better with respect to snow in the past but, so far, this has been a tough winter. We don’t get Alberta Clippers very often so it’s a big deal when we do. Temperatures have rarely been above freezing for more than two weeks now and winds between 10 and 20 mph have blown day and night. We’re just not used to it.

The snow had been predicted and we knew there wouldn’t be much of it – about an inch at most, they said. This wasn’t going to be about snow, it was going to be about icy roads. The snow started to fall at about 3:30 pm and showers continued on and off until just after midnight. Because the weather has been cold for several weeks, the earth and roads were cold. Although the snow didn’t accumulate, it melted on the roads. The road surfaces remained wet and the moisture froze when the temperatures fell rapidly as the sun set. The roads became slick with black ice in many places.

We ended up with about 1/2 an inch – a dusting. Probably doesn’t seem worth it, does it? Bitterly cold in the wind but sunny and quite pleasant when sheltered from the wind. I walked down into the woods and around the field. It was pleasant to walk. The dusting of snow was visually pleasing and it was easy to walk, no slipping or sliding in deeper snow. And I could see things I wouldn’t normally see.

Interestingly, I didn’t see any deer hoof prints. The deer must have moved to lower elevations. But the usual suspects were there …

A possum. Along the patio bricks in front of the house. This really wasn’t a surprise since I’ve encountered one on the ramp to our front door on a couple of occasions. But they were a treat to see.

A Cottontail rabbit. These tracks, on the path near the pond above the creek, were a surprise. I often see rabbits along the drive from the house to the road, but not in the woods. I love these tracks. The rabbit has stopped to listen. The front paw prints are nestled between the hind paw prints.

A cat. This cat had come along the path at the edge of the woods from the property next door – I saw the tracks as I was coming along that path – across in front of the house and down the drive where I first saw and photographed them.

And me.
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ramblingwoods said...

I was reading back through your posts and came to this one with the tracks. I love to look at tracks and our snow in NY provides a lot of opportunity. I have come across rabbit tracks that fit those, but I couldn't figure out what the stopping and listening tracks were. Thanks for answering that question.. Michelle