Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mushroom: Phyllotopsis nidulans Revisited

Back in mid-November 2009, I came across Phyllotopsis nidulans that had recently fruited at Fort Yargo State Park. Just before the New Year, I walked along that trail again and was surprised that the fungus was still in good condition. The color had faded a little and the ‘hairy’ appearance was quite distinct.

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Note: Originally, I misidentified this mushroom as Ruddy Panis (Panus rudis). Thanks to Ron Peterson (University of Tennessee) and Ryan Mooney for correcting this identification.

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ramblingwoods said...

These look similar to something I found here in the woods (NY). I think I took some photos to try to ID it.. There are other types as well and I wanted to catalog them along with everything else I was finding, but it is easier to ID a bird, flower, insect or anything else I think. But I have a name for one type now..Michelle

Joan said...

I agree. Fungi are challenging. I have a collection of unidentified photos and trawl the web looking for photos for comparison. There aren't many photos of this one around. Glad this one has helped you. Good luck with the others.