Friday, January 15, 2010

Walk To The Old Fort: Part 2. Fishing Area – Old Fort

From the Fishing Area, I set off along the lakeshore using the trail well-walked by fishermen. I walked the first part of this section many times looking at Amanita sp. last Fall.

Most of this section is a narrow, rough trail with many exposed tree roots and boulders but it's still my favorite part of the trail. It’s a hazardous section that’s used by the mountain cyclists when they want a thrill. The sign at the other end of this section has named it the ‘Rock Garden.’ (Interestingly, I’ve seen cyclists 'stall out' on the Rock Garden but never fall).

The path is directly opposite the Group Camp. These are a few of the sleeping cabins and meeting teepees.

Then I was on to trail that I had never walked. The trail curved a little uphill and away from the lake – actually just taking a shortcut from Section 12 towards Section 11.

The Rock Garden trail joins the main trail – called the ‘Bypass’ as it parallels the Rock Garden trail – which is much wider. The trail then winds its way gently to the open area where the Old Fort is now located.

The trail - a well-worn cyclists path - continues across the field to the road on the other side. I turned around at the edge of the woods. The Old Fort, which sits up the slope to the left of the trail, was relocated from its original site on the south side of the park to this current location several years ago. (There is a photo of the Old Fort on the Fort Yargo State Park website; click Photo Gallery). To be continued…

Note: Fort Yargo SP is a popular park for cyclists. The park is ‘home’ to YABA – the Yargo Area Biking Association - and is the site for several mountain bike events each year. A detailed map of the trails is posted on the YABA website.
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- Fort Yargo State Park (Click on Photo Gallery)

- Yargo Area Biking Association: Trail map

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