Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walk To The Old Fort: Picnic Area – Fishing Area

Between Christmas and New Year, we had a few days then the high temperature was about 55 F, sunny and not too breezy. This was just before we were plunged into bitterly cold - by Southern standards - weather for a couple of weeks.

I had never walked along the lake shore from Picnic Area #1 to the Fishing Area (Segment13) so I decided to walk this section and continuealong the shore (Segment 12) on to the open field where the Old Fort is now located (Segment 11). This post covers the section from the Picnic Area to the Fishing Area. The parking lot at the Picnic Area is located on the ridge above the lake. I dropped down on the trail where the Ruddy Panis was located and set out along the lake shore.

The trail is level for the first quarter-mile or so and through open woods.

This section of the trail allows a clear view across the lake to the yurts that were built this year in the walk-in campground. The yurts look quite different now that the trees have lost their leaves. (There are some photos of the yurts on the Fort Yargo State Park website; click on Photo Gallery)

The trail then climbs up over a ridge above the lake. Safety fences protect the walker from the lake (or vice versa). Just as well. The trail here is hazardous due to the many tree roots that have been exposed by the many hikers/cyclists that have passed this way. Then the trail drops down to a bridge that crosses a small inlet.

The trail climbs again and continues with only slight ups and downs. The trails are color coded; the yellow and blue marks on the tree trunk identify this trail.

The trail then crosses a bridge to the Fishing Area. To be continued...
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