Sunday, January 17, 2010

Walk To The Old Fort: Part 4. Fishing Area – Picnic Area

The first part of the walk from the Fishing Area back to Picnic Area #1 was along the trail I had used on the way up.

A couple of fisherman were enjoying an afternoon on the lake. I’ve never seen fishermen catch much. They must catch something or they probably wouldn’t keep coming out to the lake. I think they secretly just enjoy being out enjoying the sun and fresh air.

I found an interesting mushroom. It’s a tooth fungus. I think it’s a Sweet Tooth (Hydnum [Dentinum] repandum). I also found one small patch of Cranefly Orchid leaves soon after leaving the Fishing Area but I think this southern section is too sunny and dry for them to flourish. I came back down to the bridge that crosses an inlet along this section of the lake. Rather than go all the way back to the Picnic Area #1 on the trail I used earlier, I spotted signs for the Disc Golf course. I thought I could get on to the course and make my way back to the parking lot. I might have been more successful if I’d had a map of the golf course.

Disk golf is played with a Frisbee. The course is set out through the woods with a ‘T’ area and an open ‘fairway’ that follows a path through the woods – or is it the other way around. A sign for each ‘hole’ shows the map for the hole including the distance and par (number of tosses). This is a popular sport. I encountered four people playing - on a winter day mid-week – while I was there. One group had dog with them; not sure if she retrieved Frisbees or just enjoyed the walk.

I walked the trail for one hole up the hill only to find that I really couldn’t see a hole that would lead me back to the picnic area. I did, however, have a nice view of the lake through the trees.

The basket at the end of the 16th hole.

I dropped back down on another fairway to the bridge. Over the bridge and along a different trail to the Picnic Area. Fin
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Identification resources:
- Mushroom: Sweet Tooth (Hydnym [Dentinum] repandum)

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