Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Zen: A Spiral Of Gulls

The arrival of gulls at Fort Yargo State Park is a sure sign for some of us that winter is here. The gulls usually flock together in tight groups. Last week, we noticed that a large group of them had drifted out in a spiral. As time passed the spiral gradually opened up and the gulls dispersed until none were left. It was fascinating to watch.
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ramblingwoods said...

I live near the Niagara River and Lakes Erie which is a hugely popular place to observe gulls..but have I done it.. No, but I should although identifying them can be tricky..You live in a beautiful area..

Oh..I came via HoH and then you came to my snapping turtle post and I came back. LOL

This particular snapper is quite large and I have seen it grab full grown mallards and hang on. The smaller ones grab ducklings. Then last summer one of the great blue herons wading was bitten..so I have a difficult relationship with the snappers...Michelle